Overcoming Challenges & Remaining a Leader in Our Industry

Recently we were honored to be selected by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce for the 2019 Small Business Awards Winner. This was an incredible honor and experience for us to showcase how we collectively work to improve our service to our customers, give back to our community and grow our team members both personally and professionally.

Through this process we were asked to share how we overcome challenges and continue to be a leader in our industry. When it comes to overcoming challenges the first thing I think of is our organization’s culture of caring. We care. 

Around McCurdy both our employees and clients are embraced and cared for. You are a part of the family. Caring for each other and our customers is instilled in every employee and I would even say its pretty much a subliminal hiring criteria. People come to McCurdy in a time of need. We work with many clients in a transition period. Maybe an estate, guardianship, senior transition situation. These clients entrust us to assist their family during a challenging and sometimes emotional point in their life. We have to care and we have to be good stewards of their family just as though they are ours. Our team stays focused on helping people and solving problems.

Secondly, we were asked how McCurdy remains a leader in our industry throughout decades. We are committed to excellence through education and community involvement. Our team is dedicated to continuous quality improvement which is a part of our mission and culture. 

The McCurdy team is the best team ever, full of bright and principled people of good character. We constantly hunger for additional education within our industry all to ensure we are delivering the best service for our clients. We also strongly believe in community involvement. Supporting our community organizations, volunteering at local charity or benefit auctions and serving on boards are all part of a responsibility we have to “give back” to this world that provides for our team and family. Being involved in your community is a chance to make a difference and lead the way. 

In closing, yes, 20,000 auctions sounds like a high number over the last 35 years but its due to this culture of caring that grows McCurdy. I can hear Dad saying “don’t work for the money, take care of people and you will always make a living.” For us, that is what its all about, helping families. Perhaps maybe this is a little bit of a McCurdy legacy of doing the right thing, treating people fairly and caring for our customers and team members along the way. Seems to be a good 'ole recipe.

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