Sales Intern and Apprentice

Sales Intern & Apprentice Job Description & Responsibilities (Flexible time 20-25 hours per week)
  • Place single property auction directional arrows at least 10 days in advance of bidding closing or earlier upon auction manager request
  • Place Multi-Property directional arrows and front door fliers at least 6 days prior to open house/preview
  • Facilitate auction property showings and open houses
  • Facilitate private treaty showings upon request
  • Manage lockbox inventory and codes
  • Remove lockboxes and signage for closing department
  • Call incomplete real estate online bidders to assist with completion or questions about registration within 48 hours of close of auction
  • Consult with auction manager, call or confirm all real estate online registered bidders have had calls and communication about property and bidding process
  • Call all real estate unsuccessful registered bidders to survey about process , what they are looking for and if we can help them in the future
  • Assist with Multi-Property routes, powerpoint, open house packets, etc as needed
  • Assist auction managers with buyer and seller thank you notes
  • Attend closing as needed
  • Facilitate buyer walk-throughs prior to closing as needed
  • Attend multi-property auction events as needed
  • Work Multi-Property open house as needed
  • Attend auction bookings with auction managers as needed
  • Facilitate specialty projects for auction managers and office managers
  • Manage showing request log
  • Contact contending bidders and new account users
  • McCurdy Auction inventory of apparel and branded “swag”
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