A business who treats you like you're part of the family.

In 1982, Lonny McCurdy had a vision to create an auctioneering company dedicated to serving the Wichita community. With the support of his wife, Annette, they founded McCurdy Auction - a full service auctioneering company. Since their humble beginnings, McCurdy Auction has grown to be one of the leading real estate auction companies in the Midwest and performs close to 600 auctions each year.


With his father in automobile and personal property auctions, Lonny grew up surrounded by the auction industry and learned the passion, drive, and dedication needed to be a successful auctioneer.

At age 14, Lonny began crying sales - working in-between high school classes, weekends and holidays. Continuing throughout college, Lonny worked auction rings until he graduated from Emporia University with a Bachelor of Science in Business.

After graduating college and marrying his high school sweetheart, Annette, Lonny decided to pursue a financial career, accepting a position with a well-known financial company in Wichita, Kansas. Moving his family to Wichita, Lonny served in the financial industry for 10 years - while continuing to work auctions on weekends and holidays.

By 1982, realizing that auctioneering was turning into a full-time career, Lonny decided to leave the financial industry and establish a full service auctioneering company for the Wichita community.


From the start, Lonny's approach to business and auctioneering was to provide exceptional service, great experiences and treat clients and buyers like family. By the mid 1980's, Lonny and Annette had grown their auctioneering firm from a room out of their home to a budding enterprise with 10 staff members and personal property and real estate auctions every weekend.

His approach to business and customer relationships made a lasting impression on the Wichita community and soon McCurdy Auction became the household name for auctions.


Continuing the legacy, Lonny and Annette's children became involved in the auction industry at an early age. Helping the family prep for personal property auctions, clerk, and close-out auctions. It wasn't long until their children, Braden and Megan, decided that the auction industry was more than just a weekend activity with the family.

Today, Braden serves as Managing Broker and Megan serves as one of the company's leading auctioneers and realtors.


Today, a third generation auctioneering family, along with a dynamic executive and support team, continues to place McCurdy Auction as one of the leading auctioneering companies in the Midwest. Conducting nearly 600 auctions each year, providing auction services to individuals and Fortune 500 companies alike. In 2014, the company achieved an all-time record in real estate transactions at $50 million.