Our Mission

To build and offer the best service, through continuous quality improvement, effective use of resources, and the full involvement and contribution of McCurdy employees, in order to enhance customer satisfaction and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading real estate auction firm in the Midwest.

Core Values

At McCurdy Auction, our core values serve as our guiding principles. Always prominent in our lives, they serve as our foundation steps to help us stay true to our mission and vision.

Respect: We respect and value each other for our contribution to the organization. We extend this respect in our daily interactions with our clients, businesses, and community.

Achievability: Our team has the capability to achieve each and every goal outlined for them.

Unity: We are a unified team, continually striving to advance the Company while at the same time advancing ourselves.

Integrity: We pride ourselves on our commitment to honesty and integrity. This is the foundation the organization was built on and we continually strive to set the standard for the competition.

Opportunity: Every employee has an opportunity for growth through personal development and job enrichment.

Compassion: We take the extra effort to better understand our clients which allows the entire firm to be compassionate to individual client's needs, concerns, and requests.

Goals: We constantly strive to achieve our goals. Achieving goals enable us to advance ourselves through personal development and satisfaction of each contribution to the goals at large.

Commitment: We are committed to excellence for buyers, sellers and employees, providing a forum that is timely, fair, and constantly improving. McCurdy Auction, We are committed to continuing education in order to remain leaders in the auction industry.