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What makes the auction method so effective for real estate is what makes the auction method so effective for any number of items: competition. Auction forces interested parties to compete to win a property. As a result, when coupled with an intense and targeted marketing campaign to drive interest, a real estate auction generates fierce competition, which in turns drives prices.

There is no better method to compel interested parties to take their best offer. And there is no better method to avoid the hassles that are an integral part of the traditional sales method. Inspections, financing, and appraisals are handled by the interested party prior to the sale. So the only thing left to do on auction day is let the bidders compete to see who will be the last hand in the air.

The auction method is also proven. We don’t ask our sellers to use the auction method on faith. Rather, we have years of proven results that demonstrate, time and time again, that auctions work.

Open competition ensures true price discovery and drives great results. Search over 3,000 auction sales results today and see the power of the gavel.

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Proven Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?
Often times the downsizing process can be overwhelming. McCurdy Auction specializes in engineering a solution from start to finish for your personal property and real estate in order to achieve maximum results. We understand that there are unique challenges to every situation; with 36 years of experience we are prepared.

How do I sell my property at auction?
Our professional team of licensed real estate agents and auctioneers is here for you. We offer free consultations. We will set a time to meet with you to walk through the property and understand your needs. Our team will listen and recommend the best method of sale to get the most value for your real estate and personal property.

How long does it take to have a real estate auction?
Real estate auctions are typically conducted within 30 days of a signed listing.

How do you market my property?
McCurdy Auction has a full staff of over 20 professionals – marketing, real estate and accounting professionals. Your property will receive its own custom marketing campaign designed to maximize exposure and reach interested parties. A typical marketing campaign consists of a strong online presence (Zillow, Trulia,, MLS and more), social media, brochures and newspapers.

Do I have to sell my property even if I’m not happy with the final bid?
No, we offer two types of auction methods – Absolute and Subject to Seller Confirmation. An Absolute Auction means that the property will sell regardless of price to the final bidder; in these instances there is no reserve. A Subject to Seller Confirmation Auction means that the seller reserves the right to accept or decline the final bid; a recess will be held prior to the end of the auction where you will have the ability to say “yes” or “no.”

Do I need to update my home in order to get a good price?
Often times it can be financially advantageous to sell “as-is” vs remodeling. Properties at auction sell in as-is condition without contingencies, inspections or loan approvals. We often see older homes that are structurally sound, but in need of cosmetic updates flourish at auction. With the mass following of home renovation shows and networks such as HGTV, buyers now want to remodel themselves selecting their own styles – making homes such as yours an ideal auction candidate.

How long does it take to close a property after it sells?
Closing will be scheduled on or before 30 days from the day of auction.

What is the commission fee for an auction?
0% to the seller. At auction the commission and majority of real estate fees are shifted to the buyer (Buyer’s Premium).

What are my selling expenses?
The only costs you will be responsible for is your advertising, half of the closing fee and half of the title insurance at the title company.